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Sunday March 26th

Delicia Cafe, Elizabeth

3pm - free entry!

Friday April 14th
Wait & See Records
Label launch with Jessica Luxx, Nathanael Rothwell, Baby Mo and Amber Sheen

May 2023
UK Tour

May 8th - Boston Folk Club

May 11th - Biddle Bros, Lower Clapton

May 12th - Jason McNiff's Sundowner Folk Club, Hastings

May 18th - Sunflower Folk Club, Belfast

May 24th - Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham

29th of July with Isabel Rumble

Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston

Details to come!

Sunday 13th August with Isabel Rumble!

Cafe Komodo

Details to come!

Friday 8th September, 2023 with Charles Jenkins

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide


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