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This is poetry, through music, as raw and honest as you will ever hear!


Nick Vulture spent 18 years heading up the South Australian surf garage/punk band The Molting Vultures.  Now he has taken a 180 degree turn into the world of the solo acoustic singer songwriter.  But one things remains the same... Nick continues to disrupt and challenge traditional music forms by connecting with his audience in a way that is actually honest and with an energy that can only come from a real and, at times, uncomfortable place.  He completely captivates the listener by grounding the words and the music in stories that they will feel were written just for them.  Nick's poetry will reach deep into your soul.

This is gritty acoustic, honest songwriting done raw and stripped back to its very core.  The songs are deeply personal but also universal in that they reflect the general fragility of the human condition with all of its uncertainty, its cruelty and its beauty. Nick's first two LPs, 'Dust Off The Trails' and 'After The Storm' both made national and local charts in Australia and were critically acclaimed by numerous Australian and international reviews.  

Taking his cues from artists such as Conor Oberst, Frightened Rabbit, Bob Dylan, Justin Townes Earle, John Prine and Phoebe Bridgers, Nick  has played major music festivals in Australia, as well as the best venues in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Cairns.  He also played 4 showcases at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City (2023) and toured the UK in May 2023 with 6 shows in 3 weeks and then followed that up with 2 amazing shows in Japan.

Music Festivals

  • Folk Alliance International, Kansas City USA 2023

  • Semaphore Music Festival, Adelaide 2019

  • Semaphore Music Festival, Adelaide 2021

  • Adelaide Fringe Festival, Feb 2022 

  • Adelaide Fringe Festival, March 2023

  • Umbrella Festival, Adelaide, July 2022



  • USA - Folk Alliance International, Kansas City, February 2023 (4 showcases)

  • UK - 6 shows in Boston, London (2), Hastings, Belfast and Birmingham, May 2023

  • Japan - Kyoto and Tokyo, August 2023

Charts and Features


  • Number 1 - Three D Radio, Top 20 plus 1 in first week of release (23/4/2022)

  • Number 2 - National AMRAP regional weekly chart (Dust Off The Trails) (25/4/2022)

  • Number 2 - Three D Radio, Top 20 plus 1 (30/4/2022)

  • Number 2 - Three D Radio, Top 20 plus 1 (19/5/2022)

  • Number 3 - National AMRAP regional weekly chart in first week of release (18/4/2022)

  • Number 4 - Three D Radio, Top 20 plus 1 (12/5/2022)

  • Number 5 - National AMRAP regional weekly chart  (2/5/2022)

  • Number 6 - National AMRAP regional weekly chart (16/5/2022)

  • Number 8 - National AMRAP regional weekly chart  (9/5/2022)

  • Number 8 - Three D Radio, Top 20 plus 1 (16/6/2022)

  • Number 13 - Three D Radio, Top 20 plus 1 (26/5/2022)

  • Album of The Week - Three D Radio, (30/4/2022 - 6/5/2022)


  • Number 1: Weekly Top 10 Acoustic' (Complicated) TPJL News (8/4/2022)


  • Number 2, Three D Radio (After The Storm) in first week of release (4/1/2024)

  • Number 2, national AMRAP regional charts (15/1/2024)

  • Album of The Week - Three D Radio (After The Storm), (8/1/2024 - 14/5/2024)

Radio Interviews / Promotions

  • Three D Radio (Adelaide)

  • ABC Radio Adelaide (Jules Schiller)

  • Maritime Radio 96.5FM (London, UK)

  • KKFI Radio (Kansas City, USA)

  • Radio Adelaide

  • Coast FM (Adelaide)

  • 5 Triple Z (Adelaide)

  • Tribe FM (Adelaide)

  • Lofty 88.9FM (Adelaide Hills)

  • Hobart FM

  • Cairns FM

  • 2SER (Sydney)

  • Valley FM (Canberra)

Sponsorships and Awards

Ambassador for Tasman Guitars -

Finalist - Folk Alliance Australia, People's Choice Award 2022

Nominee SA Music Awards 'People's Choice Awards' (Folk) 2022

Number 6, Three D Radio Annual Top 101, 2022 (Dust Off The Trails)

SA Artist of the Week - Say Hello, Lofty 88.9 Radio Station (21/5/2022)

Media and Reviews

Mixdown Magazine Article (20/10/2022) -

Coastlines Magazine (2024) -

Maritime Radio (London, UK) - Jog on Radio (2023) -

UK Country Radio (June 5, 2023)-  UK Country Radio:

Kansas City IHeart Radio -

Other Achievements

Nick is also a curator of live music shows at the Port Noarlunga Arts Centre; he coordinates the Mid Coast Folk Club; he has his own record label, Wait & See Records (; and he has a podcast on songwriting (Songwriting Tips and Chats with Nick Vulture).

Nick Vulture's single Complicated gives us a small taste of things to come from the album that he is releasing later this month. Recorded at Mixmasters Studios and mastered by Warren Sokol (Conor Oberst), 'Complicated' has beautiful layers of acoustics, strings and harmonies that are quite distinctive in nature. We love this one. Click the link to find out more about Nick Vulture as he's onto big things, you won't want to miss anything! Oh, and don't forget to check him out on our Weekly Acoustic Top 10 Spotify Playlist! Great work Nick!  'Weekly Top 10 Acoustic' 08/04/2022 - Complicated, Number 1 TPJL News.

‘With just one guitar, Australian Nick Vulture managed to release one of the most beautiful songs ever released so far’.  Roadie Music (Portugal) 31/03/2022.

'Songs of fragile beauty that hit straight at the heart.  Sadness tinged lyrics laid bare by gentle delivery and stripped back music make it impossible not to be drawn in.'  Matt Swayne (The Midnight Mares, Brillig)

Nick Vulture 'demonstrates his ability to combine appealing melodies with meaningful lyrics, drawing listeners in with his expressive vocals and moving tales'  (

'Nick Vulture’s songs are at once intimate and universal; the world they create is new but familiar and everyone is invited in.  Nick’s delivery of his own words is perfect for them and sounds very much like the truth.  This truth is confessional, reflective, introspective, loving and ultimately redemptive.  I would encourage you to experience this significant Australian song writing voice'.  Graham Brown (Graham Brown Music)

'Nick's music sends an arrow straight through my heart'. Wendy Matthews (Che Remedy)

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