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 'After The Storm' is out now!  You can listen here!  

The album has already been charting locally and nationally, so thank you for all the support so far!



'Sounds like John Prine... a young John Prine'.  John Reen, Jog on Radio, Maritime Radio London 


'A song with brilliant temperament and aching sentiment.  And ultimately complemented by those other-worldly strings and harmonies.  Great job by all.  Congrats on a masterfully conceived Aussie classic'. 

Mike Gribble, SA journalist on the first single from the album, 'Complicated'

‘With just one guitar, Australian Nick Vulture managed to release one of the most beautiful songs ever released so far’.   Roadie Music (Portugal) 31/03/2022 on Complicated

'Songs of fragile beauty that hit straight at the heart.  Sadness tinged lyrics laid bare by gentle delivery and stripped back music make it impossible not to be drawn in.'  Matt Swayne (The Midnight Mares, Brillig)

Nick Vulture 'demonstrates his ability to combine appealing melodies with meaningful lyrics, drawing listeners in with his expressive vocals and moving tales' . (

'Nick Vulture’s songs are at once intimate and universal; the world they create is new but familiar and everyone is invited in.  Nick’s delivery of his own words is perfect for them and sounds very much like the truth.  This truth is confessional, reflective, introspective, loving and ultimately redemptive.  I would encourage you to experience this significant Australian song writing voice'.  Graham Brown (Graham Brown Music)

'Nick's music sends an arrow straight through my heart'. Wendy Matthews (Che Remedy)

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